Abdelhak Arzima was a solid artist at the school of fine arts in Tetouan, then at the Ecole de la Cambre in Brussels, followed by the Formation of Graphic Arts. Abdelhak Arzima is now a talented painter, and his reputation is indisputable. He enjoys the esteem of all his contemporaries (the most renowned painters, known, recognized and notorious) his painting is excellent and he excels especially in portraits landscapes, horses, colorful scenes, c Is a very good figurative who manages the brush like a virtuoso, thanks to several years of stay in Spain where he attended some workshops of masters and acquired a very great experience of the various techniques of painting and restoration of paintings the language of his Painting, current is unusual and incomparable, it undoubtedly possesses a specific style that ties many Moroccan painters of the same generation, now Abdelhake Arzima figureheads, and appears as a painter who has no need To illustrate himself or to compare himself with anyone, his painting is that of a palette that cherishes without even wanting, the deep songs of our soil.


- National School of Fine Arts of Tetouan, Section of Graphic Arts
- Diploma of animated cinema at the Moroccan cinema center supervised by experts of the animation studios of Shanghai
- Internship at the Higher School of Visual Arts, school of the "cambre Bruxelles"
- Stage in engraving technique in Asilah
- Restoration of paintings - Spain
- Participation in cultural and artistic events in the Valencia regions - Spain and Morocco


1985: Tabriquet - Salé Youth House
1985: Lycée Hay Essalam (1st prize) - Salé
1987: The room of the Ministry of Culture in Tetouan
1987: Gallery "Chorfi Art Gallery" in Casablanca.
1988: Faculty of Medicine of Rabat •
1988: Syndicat d'initiative and tourism in Casablanca
1990: Hotel oasis of Agadir
1991: "Chorfi Art Gallery" Casablanca »
1992: Club of the People's Bank (Hay Hassani-Casablanca) - Rabat
1993: Hotel Shératon Casablanca
1994: Exhibitions of drawings in the gallery (Arcanes) - Rabat
1995: Kasbah of Chellah - Rabat
1998: Gallery "Méridienne Antique" - Rabat.
1998: Theater Mohamed V - Rabat
1999: Kasbah of the Oudayas - Rabat
2000: Beauariste Workshop -Rabat
2001: Hilton Hotel -Rabat,
2002: Agdal -Rabat School Group
2002: Theater Mohamed V - Rabat
2003: Participation in the public performance of a collective work of 50 m at the beach of Temara.
2004: Tamuziga Gallery Rabat
2004: Festival of Rabat and the festival of Settat.
2005: The Week of Morocco - Marseille - France
2005: the Riad Aix-en-Provence in France
2005: Valencia - Spain
2007: Casa de La Cultura - Sala of exposicions - Ajuntament of Alberic - Spain
2008: Exhibition Hall of the Association of Painters in Carcaixent (Valencia) - Spain
2009: Showroom - Ajuntament de Carcaixent - Valencia - Spain
2010: Place aux artistes in Hay Riad- Rabat
2011: Theater mohamedV -Dart louane-galerie art corner in rabat
2011: gallery Coin d'Art in rabat
2012: gallery Dart louane - Rabat
2013: 2nd National Exhibition of Contemporary Art - Casablanca
2013: Port of Casablanca
2013: 8th Edition [the night of the galleries] a tamuzig'art gallery - Rabat
2013: 4th Edition fada annas a Marakech

2015 : Qoubba Art Gallery - Marrakesh 

Figure in several collections in Morocco and abroad (Museum of Seoul - South Korea .ministere of the defense of the USA.collection of the Bank of Morocco in Rabat ...).