AHMED BEN ISMAEL Born in 1995 at Marrakesh, Ahmed Ben Ismael is a painter and photographer. He realizes several literary and artistic book covers and posters for cultural and artistic events. He works also a journalist for several national and international newspapers His first exhibition, Contes soufis, dates back to 1990 at L’Atelier Gallery in Rabat then the French Institute of Marrakesh Since 1994, the artist exhibits his pictural and photographic artwork everywhere in Morocco and abroad. He lives and works in Marrakesh. From painting to photography, we found in Ben Ismael a particular climat for a diversity of expressions. Obviously by his forms, his cercles more or less undecided, his angles, his squares, his arrows, populating the canvas, he evokes the world of magic, talismanic scripture, fragmentary, spread to assure the illegibility of his mystery. This world has its colors, those found dominant in Ben Ismael’s painting, namely red and green. Otherwise, the artist use vegetal tinctures, those used by the weavers. Colors witch emblematic shades reflects a living reality, the writing of a given soul.

Main exhibitions

 2010 Noir sur Blanc Art Gallery - Marrakesh 2010

Arbre de vie, Es Saâdi Hotel - Marrakesh 2010

Le Sous-Sol Gallery - Agadir 2010

First meetings of Actual Art - Mazagran Beach Resort

2009 Dar Cherifa - Marrakesh

2008 Point & Ligne Gallery - Casablanca

2006 La Qoubba Gallery of Arts - Marrakesh

2006 6th Edition of International Salon of Art - Marseille, France

2006 Almakam - Tahnaout

2006 Le Jacaranda Art Gallery and Restaurant - Casablanca

2004 Marsam Gallery - Rabat

2004 Aix-en-Provence town hall - France

2003 Signs and symbols

2000 Marrakesh Art Gallery - Marrakesh

2000 Bleu Gallery - Marrakesh

1999 Lalla Aouda Fountain Gallery - Marrakesh

1996 Socialist students festival - Hassan II University - Casablanca

1995 View on Moroccan photography - WafaBank Foundation Gallery - Casablanca  

1994 Night marks - Bab Doukkala Gallery - Marrakesh

1994 Marrakesh’s Mawsimiyat - thresholds and readings - L’Amicale Al-Jazouli terraces - Marrakesh

1990 Contes Soufis - L’Atelier Gallery - Rabat

1990 French Institute of Marrakesh