born in 1979 in Sidi Slimane

Graduate of the National School of Fine Arts of Tetouane (INBA)

Professor of Applied Arts

The work of the artist Yasine Elothmani is characterized by the fact that he combines talent and know-how with other skills acquired during his training at the Institute of Fine Arts. In addition, the artist shows great diligence in the choice of themes (arches, domes, architectures, perspectives ...) that suggest to the viewer the desire to present the Moroccan architectural heritage. This has allowed him to engrave his name among the Moroccan professional painters with the presence of his work in exhibitions in Morocco and abroad.

Main exhibition :

2008: Exhibition at the Atlantic Club in Skhirat, Rabat

2009: Exhibition at Marrakech Art Gallery

2009: Collective exhibition in Bazzano - Italy

2009: Collective Exhibition - Tangier

2010: Collective Exhibition - Mohamed V Theater

2010: Afro Middle-East Conference in Casablanca

2010: Collective drawings - Arcone Gallery in Rabat

2010: Permanent exhibition at the Qoubba Art Gallery

2011: International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Paris, France

2012: Exhibition Carrefour des Arts in Casablanca

2013 : Exhibition at the Bab Doukkala Gallery, Marrakech

2014 : Collective exhibition at the French cultural center - Rabat

2016 : Plastic arts festival - Casablanca

2017 : Collective exhibition at Crevantes - Tangier

2017: Gallery of the cure. Vermenton France

2018 : Al Hourria Cultural Complex, Fes