Born in 1992 in Marrakech, Reda, faithful to his city of origin, cultivates transversal relationships with the lived space. Sometimes fascinated by the drawings and forms in trance, sometimes dazzled by the fascinating language of colors and symbols.
He lives and works in Marrakech

Reda's work invites us to contemplate a mysterious repertoire of signs and symbols that he has been transposing in a ritual and unchanging manner for many years.

Working on natural craft materials and skins marouflaged on wood, his special pigment colors, skilfully worked, Reda reveals a diversified palette of works inspired by graphics and ancestral symbolism, more gestural than formal.
Finely drawn pictographies, freer productions based on the use of geometric patterns, signs, symbols, colored or monochrome motifs, but impregnated with the particularities of the tattooed memory of Morocco.

"When you look closely at Reda's compositions, you immediately notice a series of characters straight out of hieroglyphics... and they are so intertwined in a sense, in a balanced movement that they miraculously turn into a perfectly readable text.

an art to meditate, a knowledge out of time.

REDA's paintings are covered with countless mysterious signs, inspired by the tradition of the Amazighs.

His collection figures in Morocco and France, Usa, Italy, Germany, UAE and in several countries.